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We capture 3D virtual tours using the proprietary Matterport Camera. With Matterport technology, you're guaranteed fully immersive virtual spaces that "feel so real, it’s like being there."


Our package includes a standard 3D Showcase Tour with 360° views, delivered within 48 hours or less. We provide you with a URL link and embed code that can be used on your website, just like photos.


3D is more than merely 360°. Panoramic tours may seem like 3D, but they're not.  Our tours include a "Dollhouse View" that provides a total sense of how rooms fit together.


Our technology also allows you to view space in Virtual Realty (VR) using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR (compatible with Android OS 4.44 and higher and Samsung compatible devices).


We can also provide:

• Annotated tags anchored to specific physical locations to provide descriptive information about special features in your environment.

• Schematic floor plans and measurements  with each floor delivered in PNG format as a separate file and all floors together in one PDF.

• "Guided Tours", that assist viewers in navigating through your environment.



Virtual Reality-BXL captures high level  aerial photography and cinematography from incredible perspectives using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology.


Our DJI-Phantom 3 Professional “Drone” is mounted with a High Definition camera that captures 4K HD video and 12.4 Megapixel still images. Our technology ensures you smooth videos with crystal clear still shots. The drone's Integrated 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal helps to insure smooth, continuous filming during flight.


Aerial footage is only as good as your drone operator. That’s why we limit our UAV projects to Allan Haas to execute precise maneuvers.


An image can capture 1000 words and tell a unique story or speak to your emotions. But as Ansel Adams once said, "You don't take a photograph, you make it."


A memorable  photograph requires the combination of elements. Great equipment, and knowing how to use it; lighting, to drive attention to the most important part of the picture; and vision-knowing the purpose of the shot.


We offer HDR photography to enhance our clients' products and environments. With HDR photography, a range of photos are taken of the same subject with varying shutter speed/aperture combinations in order to produce a set of images with varying luminosity and depth of field. Then, with the help of advanced post-processing software, the photos are blended together to create a single image comprised of the most focused, colorful, and well-lit parts of the scene. HDR photos are ideal for for when you want to highlight the best qualities of an interior while showing details of its exterior environment at the same time.


To view our larger portfolio of people, characters and portraits, please visit us at

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